Intro to Router's CCIF

Router’s Cross-chain Intent Framework (CCIF) is a pluggable intent layer that sits atop the application layer, empowering developers to create user-centric applications on familiar L1s and L2s (including but not limited to EVM and Cosmos-based chains) and allowing users to execute complex DeFi operations with a click of a button.

A collection of Intent Adapters forms the heart of our system. They are smart contracts designed to execute user intents on the blockchain. They simplify the complexities inherent in DeFi, facilitating smooth and efficient interactions, whether those are with a single decentralized Application (dApp) or spanning multiple dApps. A plug-and-play approach involving intent adapters unlocks several strategic advantages:

  • Streamlining Multi-Step, Cross-chain Processes: With CCIF, users can engage in multi-step interactions that can span multiple blockchains. For example, performing a swap on the source chain, transferring the swapped token to the destination chain, and then staking that token on a liquid staking platform, all in a single workflow.

  • Faster Adoption: Developers can leverage their existing skills and tools while adding intent-driven features to their projects, significantly accelerating innovation.

  • Lower Barriers to Entry: Newcomers don’t need to scale the learning curve of entirely new networks, democratizing access to the potential of intent-driven development.

  • Wider Reach: By focusing on EVM compatibility, Router unlocks a vast user/developer pool and a thriving dApp ecosystem, ensuring rapid proliferation and user adoption.

However, perhaps the most crucial advantage of Router’s CCIF is that rather than exposing developers to entirely new systems, it builds upon the robust foundations of established chains, acknowledging the irreplaceable value of familiar workflows and empowering developers to evolve their existing projects. It’s about bringing intent-driven functionality to where the builders are, not forcing them to relocate.

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